How to: Budget Friendly Boxshrub

My Best friend had this romantic idea of proposing to his girlfriend on his balcony. But as you can see from the “condition” that it’s in, it was far from picturesque. Nothing close to the moment you want to remember for ooo’ say, the rest of your life?! So he enlisted the help of your@How2_guy and we were on our way.

I got this idea from an article I found about bringing back the privacy to your space. That was one thing that his balcony really lacked. The size is good, it’s small mind you, but more than enough space for what I had in mind. This article inspired me to give my Best Man a space that is not only romantic, but breathtaking.

Here’s the step by step process of  creating a artificial boxshrub.  Please be careful while cutting the wood for the trim. For those who are not comfortable with operating a saw, please find a contractor or handyman to help you out for those steps. A little word of advice, when seeking contractors, DO your RESEARCH!  ” always late”, ” caulking looking like it was done by a child”, ” costed us double”, these are the the kinds of situations  that can be avoided. We have the internet at our fingertips. Sites like eieihome where I found the article have customer reviews so you can check up on who you hire.

First we chose a sturdy base material. Maple wood boards from Home Depot are perfect. Looks and feels great. Of course you can choose to buy your bottom pot but you won’t have the luxury of customizing the size. In our case, we couldn’t find a flower pot big enough for our design, so we just decided to make it. Why not? It’s easy. It’s also very cost effective, all three pots cost around 60 dollars.

Hinging the side boards will ensure that you have a sturdy base. This is extremely important in our situation because we will not be using a back wall for the base pots.

A little Baseboard trim adds to the look in a BIG way.  Measure out the length you require cut the ends at a 45degree angle.

Secure the baseboard about an inch from the top of the box leaving room for the chicken wire with black screws. We couldn’t find any black deck screws but black drywall screws work just as well.

Creating the structure for your shrubwall is fairly easy. First determine the height you want for the wall. Then cut the 4 corner supports out of 1×1 wood posts. These go for roughly $3-$4 at Home Depot for 8 ft.

Secure them on the four corners with screws using the top of the trim as a guide.

Complete the box frame and wrap the chicken wire around the frame. Using a staple gun will ensure that the chicken wire is  tightly held.

Now repeat! as many times as you need. We created three separate boxes so that they could be mobile and convenient if we ever wanted to move them.

Secure the BoxShrub Mats to the chicken wire with simple twist ties easily purchased from the dollar store.

Front View

Doesn’t that look Amazing? Here is the finished product, all three lined up side by side. We got the white lattice on the wall from home depot as well. Covered it with artificial vines and threw some lilies in to give it elegance.

Wooden floor tiles from Ikea worked beautifully with the look I was trying to achieve.  These tiles are really good for the balcony because they allow water to pass through underneath.

The Same goes for this gorgeous full artificial turf carpet. This thing feels like I’m walking on heaven. Seriously a  good call choosing this one over the cheaper alternative.


Total cost:
Maple board- $50
wood trim: $8
1x1x8 wood:$18
staple gun and staples: already have
chicken wire:$6
Foliage: $200
lattice: $50
ikea tiles: $30 x 3 boxes
ikea 3 piece patio set: $ 50
lights: christmas lights 🙂
grass mat: $60
miscellaneous(wire screws, etc…): $10

GRAND TOTAL: $492!!!
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5 Comments on “How to: Budget Friendly Boxshrub”

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  2. Maureen says:

    I’m just about to help a friend make over her balcony and pinning this. Lovely and so well done!

  3. […] job Sarah for coming up with this idea! Another feature we were completely ecstatic about is the balcony project on theBetter After’s blog. Thank you Lindsey for featuring this special project on your […]

  4. A romance-inspired makeover – how cool is that? Way to go to the amazing groom and his friends who helped him out. Big applause!!

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