Yarn Lantern

What do you see in this picture? Happy couple? Well Ya, I’d be looking that happy too if i had those gorgeous string chandeliers hanging behind me. Got this fabulous idea from Wednesday Custom Design blog.  Try this project and we guarantee it’ll be a crowd pleaser for any event. Follow these simple instructions and let’s get started!
source: http://blog.weddingpaperdivas.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/string.jpg


– Yarn/String/Twine (your choice!)
– Balloons
– 4oz white school glue (any brand)
– ½ cup corn starch
– ¼ cup of warm water
– Vaseline (Petroleum jelly)
– Clear finish spray paint
– Scissors
– Fishing line or something to hang your lantern
– Container for mixing
– Something to stir mixture with

Prepare your working station:

  • Be prepared for a HUGE mess. Make sure you have a working area where you feel comfortable and not afraid to splash glue everywhere. Lay down a tarp or cardboard; newspaper will not be ideal, as the glue mixture will seep through any paper materials.
  • In your working station, use a rod and place it between 2 chairs (or any other 2 similar heighted prop), so that your string chandelier will be able to hang dry for 24 hours


1. Blow up the balloons at any size you want., be sure that you have a variety of sizes to add excitement and tie a string around the knot of balloon
2. In a container, mix together white glue, corn starch and warm water. Make sure there are no lumps and that it’s all well combined

3. Once you have inflated the balloons to a desirable size, loop a piece of string at the knot of the balloon onto the prepared drying rack (see instructions for “prepare your working station”)
4. Apply Vaseline all around the balloon to prevent the balloon from sticking when we pop the balloon for the later steps.

5. Now, the fun begins: we used a an old marker that was just lying around as an anchor for the yarn. Loop a good amount of yarn around the marker (or pen, or pencil or chopstick will do. Anything that will fit in your bucket of glue. Pending on how knitted you want your yarn lantern to be, you’ll have to roll more yarn on the rod
6. Dunk the hole roll of yarn into the mixture and start wrapping!

7. Start wrapping the yarn around the balloon vertically and then horizontally at a comfortable tightness!

**Doing this project with a good company will make this project go by a lot faster. More mess, more Fun!**

8. Once you’ve feel comfortable with the amount of string/yarn/twine around the balloon, let it dry for 24 hours (all the excess glue mixture from the balloon will drip right onto the tarp)

9. After 24 hours of drying, lighting spray a clear finish coat on top of the sphere to prevent yellowing of the glue.

10. Use something sharp to pop the balloon and take it out, use a small kitchen knife to take out all the dried crystal that formed in between the strings


Currently sharing these ideas at the following fabulous parties:


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