How to: Rural Living (Home away from home- WEEKEND FUN!)

Taking a road trip adventure to Listowel, Ontario to visit a very dear friend of ours for Canada’s day! Beautiful weather, beautiful people and some awesome catching up time…what more could we ask for?

images: all by how2home via instagram

Recap of our Friday & Saturday:
Arriving at “farm” around 8:00pm, I had to quickly grab my camera and snap some photos before sun set. At first glance, the house and the rustic environment was so cozy and comforting that I couldn’t pass up the the opportunity!

The exterior of the home is a happy shade of sky blue, totally has a country/farm vibe to it all. We’ve known our friend since university and he is completely in his own environment out here.

This flower bed planted  right beside their house was a favorite for the 15 kittens they had! There are so many colors and a plethora of flowers!

This Massive fire pit is just about 50 meters away from the house. Great place for fireworks, roasting marshmallows, and good company.

While munching throughout the night on delicious BBQ, this little/ huge guy decided to join us. the size of a bird, Literally. Had to take a picture of it. After that it, was time to hit the  hay 🙂

Next morning while having breakfast, we saw the litter of kittens roaming around the farm and they’re so darn adorable.

On our way home, we passed through the nearby Amish community. Their culture and simplistic stress-free lifestyle is one to be admired.  This family was traveling to… not quite sure where. 🙂

simple and free.

All in all it was a short but sweet adventure. It’s always fun to get out of your natural comfort zone and experience something new.

What was your weekend like? Did you get a chance to catch up with old friends?


4 Comments on “How to: Rural Living (Home away from home- WEEKEND FUN!)”

  1. I grew up in that area! Drive a little further north, and you’ll hit Wingham, where I went to high school. Sometimes, I miss being in the country…

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