Photo a day July on Instagram

Just saw a wonderful post on A pretty life’s blog and she’s participating in the #Photoadayjuly on Instagram. A fantastic project/challenge by Fat Mum Slim! Although we are exactly 5 days behind…we need to start catching up now!

Here’s how to play:

Source: #photoadayjuly

1. Look at the list. What’s the prompt for the day? Let’s pretend it’s self portrait.
2. Take a photo of yourself, either in the mirror or some way else.
3. Upload your photo to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, your blog, Pinterest or where ever it is you want to share your photo. Use the hashtag #photoadayjuly so people can find your photos
4. Check out everyone else’s photos. Comment or like them!

Follow us on twitter (@How2_guy) and instagram (@sarah_tsao) on this fun challenge and keep us posted with your challenge as well 🙂 Let the fun and challenge begin….


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