Have you been here before?

Which is your favorite flower shop in Toronto? I know where mine is…..Kay & Young Florist  and Jong Young Flower Market on Avenue (downtown Toronto). They are one of the BEST and i say BEST b/c they have the most selection of flowers, they know anything and everything about flowers and the most reasonable prices around town. Every time we visit Kay & Young we can spend hours in there and being mesmerized by colors, texture and smell. It’s phenomenal….trust us!

If you have time and ever need flowers, or you just feel like you are in the mood to be in flower heaven, please go and visit Kay and Young and I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.

Hours of opeartion: Mon–Thurs 8am–8pm, Fri 8 am–9 pm, Sat 8am–8pm, Sun 8am–7pm.

136 Avenue Rd. (at Davenport Rd.)


Now it’s time to be amazed…


3 Comments on “Have you been here before?”

  1. […] Franky and I are both coming down with a cold and it sucks! Today I’ll be visiting Kay and Young to buy fresh flowers for my grandma’s 85th birthday celebration (see inspiration board here). […]

  2. Krisha says:

    Hi – I am the owner (with my husband, Chris) of Kay & Young. Thank you so much for your lovely blog and kind words!

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