How to: Ombre Flatware

Summer is here and the weather is amazing! We’re planning on hosting a going away party for a friend and wanted to do something extra special. I was skimming through articles on for outdoor patio and dining ideas and came across an Amazing arrangement by pottery barn. It’s a great look, perfect for the kind of atmosphere we were looking to achieve for our going away party.

We saw this fantastic idea from two delighted and wanted to try it out! This idea is perfect for a cute and fun garden party or even as everyday flatware…it’ll make your meal even more better looking.

sources: image 1: pinterest, image 2: pinterest image 3: two delighted

Here’s a list of items we used:
– Flatware (forks, spoons, knifes)
– Finishing spray
– Acrylic Paint (any color paint and white paint)
– Painter’s tape
– Paint brush/sponge
– Sanding paper (optional)


1. Use painters tape to OFF the section that you do not want to have paint
2. With sanding paper, sand each of the flatware

3. Use your paintbrush/sponge and paint the 1/3 base of the flatware with the original color (darkest color) that you’ve chosen and let it dry slightly

4.  Take the original base color and add a little amount of white into your color and you’ll see it turn slightly lighter and more pastel (that’s exactly what we want)
5. Dab your paintbrush/sponge into the “new” and light color and painted onto the 2/3 of the rest of the flatware

6. Using the paint from step #4, add a little bit more white paint to get the paint to be even lighter
7. Repeat the process, dab the paint with brush/sponge and paint the remaining of the top of the flatware, add a touch of gold like we did if you want to 🙂

8. Let it dry completely before you apply the finishing spray
9. VOILA….Ombre effect flatware 🙂

Adorable right?! We love it 🙂

…sharing this ideas at the following fabulous parties:

16 Comments on “How to: Ombre Flatware”

  1. Thanks ya’ll! Your ombre flatware looks so awesome!! I love that. Such a cute twist on the idea. Thanks again for mentioning us. We are flattered. 🙂

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  3. Tanya says:

    Ooo, you know I love dipped stuff. The utensils and chopsticks both look amazing!! The ombre is perfect.

  4. Thank you so much for visiting The 36th AVENUE and linking up to my party last week.
    I love your project and I am featuring it today on my blog…
    Have an EXTRAORDINARY day!

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  6. Cindy says:

    Can these be put in the dishwasher?

    • how2home says:

      @Cindy , yes they can ! We tested them in the dishwasher and they turned out fine. However, we don’t use our dishwasher often so most of the time we wash them by hand. Thx for visiting! 🙂

  7. These turned out great! I’m glad I (finally!) found your blog… thanks for all of the comments you’ve left on mine! I’ll definitely follow along now that I know where you are!

  8. I found this here via The 36th Avenue and I really really like the silverware! It’s so cute.
    On the next flea market I’m going to look after some cheap silverware I could paint, I’m afraid of painting my “good” (read: everyday. Students only have this ;)) silverware.

  9. Love! Hope you don’t mind but have shared over on my weekly roundup.

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