How to: “Mini” mud room

Since our post last week on mud room inspirations and bedroom transformation, we’ve been gathering materials and putting ourselves to work! Here’s a step by step how-to for converting your ‘useless’ corner in your bedroom to a beautifully efficient space.

Browsing our way through Home Depot ….

Materials, Tools & Decor you need :
– Maple wood boards that’s been stained (Extra shelving used from previous project from PAX wardrobe) cut into 8 inch wide boards for our shelving courtesy of – Home Depot
– Shelving brackets – Home Depot (6 @ $0.59)
– Nails : Home Depot (already owned)
– Wood crown moulding : Home Depot (6′ @ $15.48)
– Electric Miter Saw : already owned but bought from Home Depot- RYOBI
– Hand jig saw (already owned)
– White paint (already owned)
– Small hooks : Dollarama (6 @ 1.00)
– Black satin spray paint – Michaels (already)

You don’t necessarily have to include all the items we have on the shelf, you can throw in or take out whatever you like 😉 . Create your own ‘mini’!

– basket : Home Sense ($4.00- on clearance …score!)
– decorative red ceramic dish: Home Sense ($5.99)
– pet sillhouette canvas ($1.41- D.I.Y project- will update very soon!)
– vintage mason jar (already owned b/c of what Sarah does)
– vintage 70’s Olympic camera (found lying around our house)
– Keep calm and sail on art – gift from friend
– pencils & pens case & on the go craft bag – Sarah’s everyday items

Total cost: $42.65 <- Under $50 including materials and decor!!

1. In an area you are comfortable spray painting in with good air ventaliation (we’re in the backyard) spray the first thin layer of black satin spray paint onto the hooks. Let it dry completely before applying the second coat. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the colour.

2. Paint the wood trim with a couple of even coats of white paint

3. After your trim is dried, cut the trim to the length required for your wall. We wanted a nice snug fit for the shelving to go up against the trim. So we used a predrill bit piece to create a little groove for the top of the bracket.

**Note: Remember to measure and level out the space you are working with to ensure perfect placement!

4.Using a level, mark where the brackets should go for the trim to be perfectly even and level. (it’s a lot easier with a helping hand to mark the wall 🙂 ). After the trim has been mounted, place the shelving boards on top and secure them with screws. Last step is to secure the hooks and VOILA!

5. When it’s all complete, you should have something similar to this…and it’s time to decorate and dress this spot up.



We’ve been loving this little new convenient corner of ours! Surprisingly, we’ve actually been hanging our bags on this guy everyday. Do you have a mudroom / entry way in your house? What does it look like?

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15 Comments on “How to: “Mini” mud room”

  1. I love it! Quite the high impact for a very simple project. I still need to think about art for our mudroom. I love the simple frames you chose!

  2. chris says:

    It’s fantastic, love!

  3. You guys did an awesome job! The mud room looks really great, and I love the two different levels of shelving.

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  5. I love it! The wall colours is fabulous and you made it so functional too! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  6. diyshowoff says:

    Awesome! So clever and a great use of space – I love it! Perfect for small entry areas! I’m going to include a link back in tomorrow’s highlights. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and hard work!

  7. some serious organization going on here! looks great!

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  9. […] which we were super stoked about Thank you Desirée! We were also featured on akadesign for our D.I.Y mini mudroom. Sarah and I totally love this corner behind our bedroom door btw. Super convenient and I […]

  10. Super cute!! I love how you made a little corner into such an efficient space. Well done!!


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