House call : Purple Chic

Franky and I will be starting a fun and exciting new series taking a look into YOUR homes to satisfy our inquisitive side. “House call” will be a string of posts displaying our adventures into your works of artistic decor ;).  From people’s homes/rooms whom we have visited to Your Submissions! If you think its awesome, why not show our readers your favorite places! Come on this journey with us and we’ll take you to places you’ve never been… literally 🙂

Last week I saw a good friend of mine’s bedroom makeover, whom I went to school for 3 years AND Asia with(will share more photos of our trip in another post).

After I saw the transformation, I immediately asked if Amy could snap me a few more pictures for our blog. She delightfully accepted 🙂 She really did a fantastic job on transforming her bedroom into a space that truly reflects both her amazing style and enthusiastic personality.

I love the color that she chose. Its a really nice purple called “Pinot Noir” from Home Depot, that highlights the right side of her bedroom and also behind her bed. Also, by adding a mirror is a simple way to make the space look bigger. It definitely adds drama and chic-ness to the whole area.

Additional wall mounted and freestanding shelving from Ikea were added to create more storage space and also to showcase her artwork, accessories, shoes and fabulous decor.

Decorating her shelves are sophisticated jewlery boxes from Home Sense, D.I.Y necklace holder (stay tuned for tutorial! ). Dollarama china’s make a great display for a selection of perfumes.

Isn’t it fabulous! Whenever I’m over at her place, my eyes just wander all around her room. There are so many things to look at, that you’ll never be bored (and that’s a guarantee, or your money back!). How would you decorate your bachelor/bachelorette pad if you have limited amounts of space? Will you invite us over to check out your creative oasis? I HOPE SO!


7 Comments on “House call : Purple Chic”

  1. Gorgeous! I love her shoe storage.

  2. Julie Khuu says:

    What a cool idea! Love real life homes translated to blog posts! That overscaled artwork of the fingerprint is genius! Perfect pop of color to an otherwise neutral and very chic space…great collection!

    Would love to get your thoughts on my most recent hotel renovation when you get a chance! Hope to see you soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

    • how2home says:

      I’ll pass on the wonderful message to Amy!

      Your hotel renovation is a total stunner! Totally drooling over the turquoise velvet chair with the yellow cushion. That is such a wonderful color combination! Great job Julie!

  3. What a great transformation. The space looks so much bigger now. I love those Expedit shelves and have been wanting to buy some for our house for some time now. Storing shoes in them is a first for me, but I love it.

  4. great series….i love a good before & after!

  5. […] to miss out on! – Trip to Ikea – Pet Sillhouette project for under $2 – Hec ya! – CNE fun – House call – if you know anyone that has an amazing room/home to share with us please let us know! […]

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