Our Blub book arrived!

Over the summer, Sarah and I entered a contest hosted by the talented Jeanette from This Dusty House via Blurb Canada. They held a Give-a-Way and we won a $35 credit towards a prize from Blurb. So we went ahead and ordered ourselves a custom hardcover notebook. At first we wanted to use the Blurb book to document our journey of finding our first home together, but this process is taking A LOT longer than expected (probably b/c we’re both very particular about where and which neighborhood we want to settle in). B/c of the delay, we decided to make a personalized notebook instead which is a WAYYYY better idea for us right now. The Blurb notebook finally came in yesterday and Sarah was so excited to open her personalized prize. It was like watching a kid opening on X ‘mas day! 🙂 Thank you Jeanette  and Blurb for this awesome giveaway, our new notebook will definitely be put to good use for jotting down our blogging and event designing/planning ideas on the go! 🙂


One Comment on “Our Blub book arrived!”

  1. Fun! I have big plans to put together a coastal-inspired Blurb book with some of my favourite pictures and quotes, but I keep getting distracted by other projects!

    Enjoy your notebook, and congrats on your giveaway win 🙂

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