Cleaning out the closet

So, I (sarah) have been experiencing a minor case of  O.C.D lately. Okay, not for real… but I’ve seriously been going through a phase of cleaning/organizing. I’ve managed to completely clear and clean out my Ikea PAX wardrobe. I reorganized all of my hanging garments by season, refolded all of my summer clothes, organized my winter/summer scarfs along with my belts. I’m still on a hunt for a cute wire/weave basket to put my miscellaneous items in for the top shelf of the wardrobe; Currently using my old Louboutin shoe box to put my bathing suits and such in. EMBARRASSING. I know 😦


In progress…

Did you know…. that by rolling your garments you’ll create a lot more space in your closet? Why didn’t I think of that earlier! I’m also considering changing the color of my “Komplement” baskets…what do you guys think?

via Crate & Barrel left.right

via West Elm left.right
via Ikea left.right

Check out this video and youtube guru I’ve been watching lately. She has pretty interesting tips on how to keep your home organized and she has a blog too 🙂

Have you cleaned out your closet lately? What does it look like? I want to see!


4 Comments on “Cleaning out the closet”

  1. My closet looks like a bomb exploded in it! Doesn’t help that there’s an extension ladder in it at the moment either 😉 I’ve never had neatly organized closets – which is weird, because I really am OCD about a lot of things. But for some reason, I can live with piles of crap sitting around and a messy closet.

    Your closet is looking great! Good idea to roll the clothes – that gives you more space AND less wrinkly clothes 🙂

  2. Good for you for tackling your closet. And in public, too! I did a similar post a while back when I took on a “Toss 50 Things” Challenge It was amazing what embarrassing clothes I still owned! It looked pretty good at the end, but the post doesn’t show the OTHER disaster closet in the room 😉

  3. oh my i totally need to do this!!

  4. fannehsm says:

    I know this is late but I found your blog after trying to find a solution for my own wardrobe. I just wanted to say thanks for linking that video! It was interesting to see how to organize those harder-to-store clothing items.

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