Friday Favorites

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by to check out this week’s Friday Favorites 🙂 So , November has been treating us WAYYYY better than October did. For one, weather is much nicer this month (weird)! Secondly, It was birthday this month, which was AWESOME. Thirdly, just met John and Sherry from YHL (Franky and I were totally star struck! We’ll blog about that nextweek) and finally, I was just hired for another job! AW YEAH! Franky and I have been so ridiculously stressed out about work and now things are finally “kind of” falling into place. Life of a freelancer is so difficult sometimes 😦 and we’re both very happy that things are finally “kind of” working out. I will be starting my “new” job as a visual merchandiser and sales consultant at BCBG next week. I’m actually quite excited to start this position as I studied Visual Merchandising in school for 2 years. So my schedule is going to be even crazier now; doing windows, styling mannequins with crazy beautiful clothes on top doing events/weddings. This is going to be an interesting and visually beautiful adventure that I can’t wait to start.

Enough about me, this week Franky and I saw some crazy, beautiful things in the “Blosphere”

01// Beautiful wedding via 100 layer cake 
02// Super adorable Christmas entry way inspiration from Pottery Barn (Could I just get one of each of whatever is in the picture please?)
03// One of the most amazing photo booth backdrop I’ve ever laid eyes on via Ruffle blog
04// Loving these hanging glass votive via Ruffled (we have these available to rent at Ephra Event Design, if any brides are interested! )
05// Just discovered this cute blog call Fabulous K (it is totally fabulous !)
06// DIY abstract art and frame via Fabulous K  (I HAVE to try this out!)
07// Elegant Black & White office space via Lonny Mag
08// Completely head over heels over Marlien Rentmeester home from Lucky Mag
09// Another super adorable blog I just came across Stephanie Sterjovski  (She is so darn cute!)
10// Easy and simple DIY inspiration board by 7th house on the left

That’s it for this week, hope ya’ll have a wonderful weekend 🙂 Check back next week for more inspirations/projects and updates!!!



One Comment on “Friday Favorites”

  1. Big congrats on your new job! I just LOVE BCBG – I would be SO excited to be able to “insider” shop there! Good luck!
    PS – LOVE the gold corners on the DIY art project at Fabulous K – thanks for posting, I will have to try that one.

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