Walk-In closet inspiration

I’ve always dreamt about having my own walk-in closet, and I’ve imagined it to look like this (if i was to live by myself). A closet that represents me, a place where I can sit and just admire what I have in my closet 🙂 Let’s ponder….shall we?

By the way, you guys like my logo? I think I’m going to keep doing something like this for inspiration post. Thoughts?

01// via Instyle 02// via Elle Decor

Realistically, I have to include Franky into my closet and so I thought these ideas would be great for the both of us 🙂 He is not the type of guy that likes pink or anything too girly and to be quite honest, Me neither. Don’t get me wrong…I still a girl (duh), I love pink (duh), I love anything glittery and shiny (DUH!) but its just not “us” when it comes to deciding what we like for interior decorating. I love me some pink and gold for a wedding though 🙂

03//via Lonny 04//via Pinterest

05//via House and Home 06//via Made by girl

07//via Now Magazine 08//via unknown

09//via Apartment Therapy 10//via House and Home

Do you have a dream closet? What does it look like? Could I take a peek and admire it? 🙂


One Comment on “Walk-In closet inspiration”

  1. Ooo, thanks for posting this! I’m just planning a new closet and will have to Pin one or two of these!

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