The Wedding Co. Show

I have been really busy working with Eph*ra Event Design  on our space for The Wedding Co. Show. It was such an amazing experience and I actually felt kinda “star-struck” meeting some of my long time favorite artists from the show (Deborah from Palettra, Alexandria from Cake Opera Co. ,  Allyson & Sarah from Bobette and Belle,  Melissa from Mango Studio, Ikonica, 5ive 5ifteen….I can go on and on). I had such a great time at The Wedding Co. Show and it was such an amazing turn out. We really have to thank Catherine Lash , Fiona Christie and the fabulous team from The Wedding Co. for putting together such an inspirational event. Alanna, Dawn and I are so honored to be a part of the show this year. We met so many amazing couples and we can’t wait to get in touch with you and start helping you planning your big day. Hold on to your seat and be ready to see some of the most beautiful designs and pictures!

First up, Eph*ra Event Design Booth 🙂 we really wanted to do something out of the ordinary and eye catching, so we went with blue and orange as our main colors. Our focus was to make our guests feel warm and welcoming once they step foot into our space.

ephra event design booth

Truffle Cake & Pastry
Truffle Toronto

Patricia’s Cake Creations

Event Decorator
event decorator

Presidential Gourmet Event Catering (Their food were AMAZING! Totally recommend them 🙂 )

Cool Green & Shady

Sweet Pea’s Floral Studio
sweet pea's

Au Lit Fine Linens
au lit fine linens

Paper & Poste
paper & poste

Cake Opera Co.
cake opera co

Dave Dunkley’s KC Hats

Mrs. Bridal Boutique

Anne Sportrun Fine Jewellery
anne sportrun

Shangri-La Toronto

Smudge Designs

Bobbette and Belle Artisanal Pastries
bobbette and belle

Melissa Andre Events

Ines DiSanto

PALETTERA Custom Correspondence

SweeterE Cakes

Hope you guys enjoyed these photos 🙂 Come by next time to visit us at the show!


The Wedding Co. Show 2013

It’s not even Christmas yet but I’m already excited for the New Year! This January,  I will be taking part in The Wedding Co. show with Ephra Event Design. This is a really great opportunity for us to meet future B & G, M.O.B, M.O.G, M.O.H (brides & grooms, mother of bride, mother of groom, maid of honor etc) AND to meet all the talented designers, planners, stationary artists, florists, DJs, pastry chefs from all over Toronto. I’m so excited!! Eeeeeeek! To find out more about the show, you can find the complete list of exhibitors here. Information on purchasing tickets can be found here, and remember to come by and say “Hi” to us at the Ephra booth! 🙂

See you at the show!

An ikea kind of Christmas

Saw these adorable ornaments today at Ikea. Had to snap a couple of photos for you guys to see in case you haven’t visited Ikea lately.

These ornaments are so adorable, little baking metal liners as decorations!? What a fantastic idea 🙂 Perhaps it could be a DIY project?? I THINK SO!
Julmys Collection

By the way, I “edited” these photos from pixlr which I introduced to you guys from last week’s Friday Favorites. Do you like these photos? I’m kind of on the fence about it….but hey it was worth a try!

Halloween in Listowel

What an AMAZING Halloween weekend! Special Thank you to Carol and Chris! We had a great time celebrating Halloween this year in Listowel (our “home away from home“). To be honest, I’ve never actually carved a pumpkin before until this weekend! I know you must be surprised at how well they turned out right?! Well that makes 2 of us! LOL. BUT, I have to admit, it sure was A LOT of fun. Franky and I will definitely be doing this again next year :).

Mine is the pumpkin on the left and Franky’s is one to the right 🙂

The house was decorated with tons of spooky home-made decor. All around the house the spirit of Halloween possessed every room   ~oo0oo0OOOo0o~~~

These little petite pumpkins are so adorable! They were the perfect accessories to hang from the halloween centre piece. (courtesy of Carol :))  We’ll show you a tutorial soon on how to make these little buggers.

Outdoor Decor !

Anyone interested in some cat litter, eyeballs, brain food and stewed worms? 🙂

Everyone looked fabulous in their costumes!! Honey Boo Boo and Mrs.Doubtfire were our absolute favorite costumes this year, there was also Lex Luthor(Franky), Master of Disguise, d’artagnan (Musketeer), Gone with the Wind, Batgirl, Pirate Captain, Edward Scissorhands…just to name a few.

What are YOU going to dress up as this Halloween??

Celebrating with my grandma

Saturday was an amazing day! I couldn’t  have been happier to see how thrilled my grandma was on her special day. I am really lucky and fortunate to have a grandma who loves me, my sister & mom so unconditionally. As soon as I get official photos from our good friend at Boake Lightroom, we’ll be sure to share more photos with ya’! Meanwhile, hope you guys enjoy these pictures 🙂

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How to: D.I.Y glitter mason jar

A couple of months ago, we came across a post about how to make your own glitter vase on The sweetest occasion’s blog. This is one of our favorite blogs for great inspirations; all different kinds of parties, celebrations, weddings, styled shoots. Once you’re on the site, you’ll be glued on the chair for at least a couple of hours. The idea of a glitter mason jar is just brilliant! It adds a lot of drama, prettiness and texture to just a normal mason jar. Since we have a few small mason jars just lying around the house, I thought it would be perfect for my grandma’s 85th birthday bash (see inspiration board here) . If you want to achieve this look, keep reading and we’ll show you how it’s done 🙂 !

**UPDATED Photo of the mason jar!

– Mason jars (any size- mine are small)
– Krylon metallic spray paint
– Martha Stewart’s glitter glue
– Martha Stewart’s glitter
– Krylon finishing spray (mine’s matte)


1. Make sure all your mason jars are nice and clean

2. Once your mason jars are clean, spray a base color onto the jar, it doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ b/c the jar will be covered in glitter anyway (in my case, I used the same spray paint from here)

3. In an area you are comfortable with making a mess in, apply a glitter glue to a small section of the jar.

4. Sprinkle the glue covered section on the jar with glitter, repeat this step until the whole jar is covered in glitter. (Please use a generous amount of glitter on the jar, you don’t want to see any missed spots!)

5. Finally, use a finishing spray on the jar (this ensures that all the glitter will stick onto the jar)
That’s it! Hope you guys will try this fabulous and EASY glitter mason jar idea 🙂 Let us know how yours turns out!

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How to: D.I.Y Gold vases

Yesterday, Sarah posted an inspiration board of what she has planned for her grandma’s 85th birthday celebration.  From the moment she got the news, Sarah’s been on the hunt for different types of vases to create a beautiful floral centerpiece for the night. Going with a East meets West theme, she wanted to use Gold as a focal color. After a long search, we found that its actually really hard to find solid gold color vases around Toronto for a cheap price. So, she came up with a very easy and simple DIY tutorial for all of us to enjoy and learn. Oh, and stay tuned for another fun and sparkly tutorial on Thursday!

– Glass vases (in different sizes and shape)
Krylon 18k Gold spray paint & Bronze Metallic spray paint 
Matte finishing spray


** Make sure you clean out all the glass vases with soap and water before your start. Also, work in an area where you feel comfortable spray painting! (you don’t want nasty gunk to be stuck on this beautiful vase!!)

1. Lightly spray the first layer of gold/metallic spray paint in short bursts to evenly coat the exterior of the vase. Once the first layer is completely dried, apply a second layer on. (Repeat this process until you get the desired shade of gold)

3. Coat with the finishing spray to protect the color and to avoid smudging

VOILA! Your very own gold color vase 🙂

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