#IDS13 The Interior Design Show

IDS will be hitting Toronto Jan 24-27 this year and you can be sure that it will be one you don’t want to miss. This is their 15th year doing the show in Toronto and Sarah and I are both extremely excited for this year’s show since it’s our first one since last year’s King East Design District Event. But I’m betting it won’t be our last!


The Interior Design show is an annual event that was started by Steven Levy in 1998.  The show features over 300 of the most influential architects and designers. This year’s event will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in Ontario.

Some of the designers we’re really looking forward to seeing are…

John Gidding                             Oki sato                                Phillpe malouin

Christiane Lemieux- dwell studio       Andrew Richard designs                   Cambria

Lately, Sarah’s been on the hunt for a new rug. She mentioned that she wanted something with a funky and modern design but with a color that’s not too feminine. We’ve been thinking about a navy blue rug perhaps? We’ll see if we can’t find something that’ll meet her requirement at the show 😉

The Opening Night Party will be an awesome event to make it out to as well with live performances by The Soul Proprietor, Eon Sinclair of Bedouin Soundclash, and more! The party will be catered by some of the many awesome restaurants of Toronto.



King East Design District

I was reading an article about out of style Interior Choices, when I remembered that there is a design event in town. This upcoming weekend, September 29 +30th 2012, Toronto will be the hosting one of the finest collections of design outlets! The King Street East design district is known for its luxurious elements of home decor. They will be featuring designs for Kitchens, Living rooms, and bedroom. Some of the participating Designers include Italinterios, Boconcept, Klaus, and Sub-zero. What a great opportunity to do some research right? Will update with pictures of our favorites 🙂


W O W !!  What an INSANE weekend! The KEDD exhibition definitely left an impression. This gathering of innovative designers really made it’s presence felt in Toronto this weekend.  We saw so many different designers and loved sooo much of the festival. Here are some of our favorites!

Our first stop was at Alexander Interiors & Design, a fabulous high end boutique filled with beautiful custom pieces. Gorgeous frame art, chic upholstery, as soon as we entered the studio everything drew my attention. I LOVED the wicker table lamps. I can honestly say there wasn’t a single item that I didn’t like. The frames displaying alcohol types would work perfectly in my future bar area 😉

Cambria started out in the Butter Business when the Davis Family bought St. Peter Creamery  in the 1940’s. In 1999, the family entered into the quartz industry to go on to create the most elegant quartz patterned surfaces.  The quartz is mined in Canada and Cambria offers a limited lifetime warranty. With the demand quickly rising for the amazing quartz surfaces, in 2007 Cambria finally opened up a FabShop in Toronto.

The Toronto studio features vignettes by seven prominent designers, including Jane Lockhart, Victoria Shaw, Tomas Pearce, Janette Ewan – with overall design by builder/designer Ramsin Khachi, a regular design expert on the Marilyn Dennis Show.

Our next stop was a SubZero/Wolf. Chefs from Anna cookbook series served the guest while we view the gorgeous kitchen decor. The built in wine cooler concept showed that you can maintain a look of class even in the living room area.

Kiosk, a Vancouver based company really impressed me with their contemporary style designs. The unique pieces give the room class and complexity. One of my favorite pieces were the wood (paper) spun rugs by Woodnotes. These rugs come in many different colors and patterns. Not only that, but they feel amazing. Really hard to believe they’re made from paper. The architecture of their outdoor patio design is amazing.  The feel would be perfect for a side yard.

UpCountry was definitely my favorite studio. The aviator style couches and decor get 2 thumbs up from me! I will have to look into those in the future.

Can’t wait for the next event!

Photos by Boake Lightroom and How2Home

Ikea visit & catalogue 2013

We got our hands on the latest Ikea catalogue earlier this week and since then, Sarah has been studying the new arrivals religiously. Finally I suggested to make a trip to our local Ikea to see the new products for ourselves.
Be prepared for a long but fun post!

We started off our day by having an Ikea style lunch with my parents. Dad had Haddock and chips, I had a delicious plate of smoked salmon, Sarah and my mom had pasta, mushroom soup and a delicious slice of almond cake. Mmmm…yummmm

As we were eating, we noticed Ikea’s new membership/loyalty program, which is called Ikea Family. Just by signing up for this Ikea Family card, you can get a free coffee/tea at any of their restaurants. One lucky winner will also win a $100 gift card. Each month there will be special membership online discounts. We’re a member…..are you? Join the club!

Let the browsing shopping begin…

Love this idea with the Expedit units. And they’re only $50 buks! The arrangements are nice and functional. We stacked 2 of these babies together in our bedroom to create more storage space.

This kitchen is one of our 2 favorites at the Ikea showroom. We love the openness of the space and the use of glass door cabinet with glass shelving is a perfect fit. Open shelving is definitely a ‘must’ in our future kitchen. It makes the kitchen look so chic and modern.

A Pop of red as an accent color, subway tiles and glass cabinetry ….so modern and sophisticated

This is the other kitchen we totally fell in love with. The only thing we dislike was that pink was used as the accent color. Still, it looked great in this kitchen. Just a little too feminine for my tastes (and for our future kitchen 😉 ). But what we do love about this kitchen is the fact that Ikea has added an extra storage/pantry room to eliminate unnecessary clutter. It not only looks good but has functionality. We know we’d use it for sure, what about you?

Loving this Henriksdal chair for $99!

Knick/knacks we loved….

sources (clockwise): Kassett Box w/ lide, Bravur Wall clock, Kvarnvik Box w/ lid, Lappljung Ruta Rug

Sarah chose these fabrics for cushions in our room….now all we need is a chair…LOL
source: Sofia fabric, Stockholm Cushion, Sanela Cushion cover

That’s the end of our trip to Ikea 🙂 Now its your turn to check out your local Ikea and show us what you like!

House call : Purple Chic

Franky and I will be starting a fun and exciting new series taking a look into YOUR homes to satisfy our inquisitive side. “House call” will be a string of posts displaying our adventures into your works of artistic decor ;).  From people’s homes/rooms whom we have visited to Your Submissions! If you think its awesome, why not show our readers your favorite places! Come on this journey with us and we’ll take you to places you’ve never been… literally 🙂

Last week I saw a good friend of mine’s bedroom makeover, whom I went to school for 3 years AND Asia with(will share more photos of our trip in another post).

After I saw the transformation, I immediately asked if Amy could snap me a few more pictures for our blog. She delightfully accepted 🙂 She really did a fantastic job on transforming her bedroom into a space that truly reflects both her amazing style and enthusiastic personality.

I love the color that she chose. Its a really nice purple called “Pinot Noir” from Home Depot, that highlights the right side of her bedroom and also behind her bed. Also, by adding a mirror is a simple way to make the space look bigger. It definitely adds drama and chic-ness to the whole area.

Additional wall mounted and freestanding shelving from Ikea were added to create more storage space and also to showcase her artwork, accessories, shoes and fabulous decor.

Decorating her shelves are sophisticated jewlery boxes from Home Sense, D.I.Y necklace holder (stay tuned for tutorial! ). Dollarama china’s make a great display for a selection of perfumes.

Isn’t it fabulous! Whenever I’m over at her place, my eyes just wander all around her room. There are so many things to look at, that you’ll never be bored (and that’s a guarantee, or your money back!). How would you decorate your bachelor/bachelorette pad if you have limited amounts of space? Will you invite us over to check out your creative oasis? I HOPE SO!

How to: His/Her pick

Inspiration Quote to live by:  “LIVE LIFE OUT LOUD BE HAPPY NOW NEVER GIVE UP! SMILE. DO IT NOW. THE MONEY WILL FOLLOW. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS LIFE FOR TODAY BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF MUSIC BE KIND TO OTHERS. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF, LAUGH OFTEN“. What a perfect composition of words that describe my inspirations are. Here are some other inspirations for our future home.  His and Hers picks, I believe mine are better.

sources: all images via How2home at homesense

Sarah had a little too much fun and picked out other stuff she likes, definitely has a shabby chic vibe… (Obviously…mine’s better :)-Sarah )

sources: clockwise, coral reeve lamp via homesense, coastal setup via homesense, blue measuring glass via homesense, blue bird pillow via westelm, beige texture pillow via westelm, teal dresser via random, waves art via ikea, arm chair via ikea, frame via homesense, glass jugs via westelm

How to: “Mini” mud room

Since our post last week on mud room inspirations and bedroom transformation, we’ve been gathering materials and putting ourselves to work! Here’s a step by step how-to for converting your ‘useless’ corner in your bedroom to a beautifully efficient space.

Browsing our way through Home Depot ….

Materials, Tools & Decor you need :
– Maple wood boards that’s been stained (Extra shelving used from previous project from PAX wardrobe) cut into 8 inch wide boards for our shelving courtesy of – Home Depot
– Shelving brackets – Home Depot (6 @ $0.59)
– Nails : Home Depot (already owned)
– Wood crown moulding : Home Depot (6′ @ $15.48)
– Electric Miter Saw : already owned but bought from Home Depot- RYOBI
– Hand jig saw (already owned)
– White paint (already owned)
– Small hooks : Dollarama (6 @ 1.00)
– Black satin spray paint – Michaels (already)

You don’t necessarily have to include all the items we have on the shelf, you can throw in or take out whatever you like 😉 . Create your own ‘mini’!

– basket : Home Sense ($4.00- on clearance …score!)
– decorative red ceramic dish: Home Sense ($5.99)
– pet sillhouette canvas ($1.41- D.I.Y project- will update very soon!)
– vintage mason jar (already owned b/c of what Sarah does)
– vintage 70’s Olympic camera (found lying around our house)
– Keep calm and sail on art – gift from friend
– pencils & pens case & on the go craft bag – Sarah’s everyday items

Total cost: $42.65 <- Under $50 including materials and decor!!

1. In an area you are comfortable spray painting in with good air ventaliation (we’re in the backyard) spray the first thin layer of black satin spray paint onto the hooks. Let it dry completely before applying the second coat. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the colour.

2. Paint the wood trim with a couple of even coats of white paint

3. After your trim is dried, cut the trim to the length required for your wall. We wanted a nice snug fit for the shelving to go up against the trim. So we used a predrill bit piece to create a little groove for the top of the bracket.

**Note: Remember to measure and level out the space you are working with to ensure perfect placement!

4.Using a level, mark where the brackets should go for the trim to be perfectly even and level. (it’s a lot easier with a helping hand to mark the wall 🙂 ). After the trim has been mounted, place the shelving boards on top and secure them with screws. Last step is to secure the hooks and VOILA!

5. When it’s all complete, you should have something similar to this…and it’s time to decorate and dress this spot up.



We’ve been loving this little new convenient corner of ours! Surprisingly, we’ve actually been hanging our bags on this guy everyday. Do you have a mudroom / entry way in your house? What does it look like?

…sharing this ideas at the following fabulous parties:

Mud room Inspirations

Since we started transforming our bedroom, we’ve been putting alot of thought into to space efficiency. Behind our bedroom door (as shown in picture) is a pretty big and empty space that is currently not being used. Usually, we are both really lazy and like to toss our everyday work bags and such on the floor. But this terrible habit needs to come to an end!

So, we wanted to come up with a budget friendly idea to make this area somewhat like a mud room; a place where we can toss our keys, bags, spare change, our daily jackets, and cardigans etc. We needed to transform this empty space that was once boring, ugly and useless to a space that is convenient and easily accessible. …..We’ve gathered some inspirations and saw these entry way/mudroom idea

sources (clockwise): 1. Houzz 2. Divineconsignoakpark  3. House of anais 4. Pinterest

After going through ton of inspirations on pinterest and other websites, we gathered 4 photos that really caught our attention and is a good fit for what we want.

Things to consider:
– shelving (for extra storage)
– baskets
– hooks

Stay tuned for more updates! 🙂