Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival


The BMO Center in Calgary hosted the 2013 Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival this weekend. How2home was given the opportunity to attend this event for the first time and we were thoroughly impressed with all the vendors and exhibitors.


Favorites for the night include Bakon, a 35% potato vodka with a crisp and savory bacon flavor, and a light lager made by Guinness.


The food was amazing and we could not get enough of the plethora of cheeses. One of our most favorite cheese vendors was the Switzerland Cheese Marketing booth. Their delicious samples had our mouth’s watering during the preparation of the cheeses.



It was a GREAT experience and definitely did not disappoint.  Looking forward to the next show, maybe we’ll even make the drive to Edmonton for the one this Weekend!!



Gourmet Food and Wine Expo

WOW….Franky and I are really feeling super lazy today after a VERY filling and tasty day at the Toronto’s Food and Wine Expo.

Yesterday was our first time attending this event and we were really surprised with the turn out. Everything looked AMAZING!! Words can’t describe how delicious the food, wine and cheese were at the expo. Not only were we eating AND ‘drinking’ (A LOT), we also learned quite a bit about the wines from different regions, cheeses and liquors.  All in all, it was really fun and exciting experience, so much so that we didn’t want to leave at all!

As soon as you walk into the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo, you are greeted with a complimentary small wine glass for you to carry around to sample from the different vendors.  “Sampling Tickets” can be purchased at $20 per sheet of 20 tickets, and you can taste/try as many or as little samples as you like.

I (Sarah) spent most of my tickets at the Mott’s Clamato Caesar booth b/c they were SOOOO good. The bartender made the most delicious Bloody Caesars I have ever tasted. It had the perfect balance of vodka, clamato juice, tabasco sauce, worcestershire sauce (FYI, I can NEVER say this correctly), celery salt AND the best part……  “The Extreme Bean“. I swear to you, these are the most YUMMIEST tasting pickled string beans and olives  EVER. I need to order some of these so all friends can try. I can’t stop thinking about them after sampling them yesterday. By the way, here is a recipe I found from Mott’s Clamato website for How-to make their perfect Bloody Caesars. I think I need to make myself one tonight 🙂

This was MY (Franky) favorite booth. This delicious Whisky is called “Black Velvet“. We sampled this new blend of whisky which is infused with a warm roasted caramel flavor. I know how it sounds fellas, but trust me, our friends and I didn’t sample just one. In fact, I ended up picking myself up a bottle today! It was too delicious and couldn’t stop myself from “sampling” more. The flavor of this caramel whisky is very smooth. You have to try it to believe it. Black Velvet has a recipe featuring their caramel whisky call “caramel sunset” and you can find the recipe here. You can currently find these bottles at selected LCBO stores

More photos of food,wine,cheese…
Maritime Lobster  (Awesome lobster ice sculpture!)

Hank Daddy’s Barbeque (they had a pulled pork parfait, and it was BOMB)

Ruelo Patisserie (They just opened a 2nd location on Yonge and Eglington)

Asahi Sake (Did I mention, Sake is one of my favorite drinks 🙂 )

We ended our day by winning a small bag of whole coffee beans via Merchant of Green Cafe.

Sarah and I had such a great time at this event tasting good wine/liquor and sampling awesome food with our friends. What more could we ask for!? If you didn’t get a chance to visit this year’s Gourmet Food and Wine Expo, not to worry, because it will happen again next year.

How2home  is not  sponsored to talk about these products. These opinions are all ours, based on what we tried and loved 🙂 .

King East Design District Exhibition

I was reading an article about out of style Interior Choices, when I remembered that there is a design event in town. This upcoming weekend, September 29 +30th 2012, Toronto will be the hosting one of the finest collections of design outlets! The King Street East design district is known for its luxurious elements of home decor. They will be featuring designs for Kitchens, Living rooms, and bedroom. Some of the participating Designers include Italinterios, Boconcept, Klaus, and Sub-zero. What a great opportunity to do some research right? Will update with pictures of our favorites 🙂


W O W !!  What an INSANE weekend! The KEDD exhibition definitely left an impression. This gathering of innovative designers really made it’s presence felt in Toronto this weekend.  We saw so many different designers and loved sooo much of the festival. Here are some of our favorites!

Our first stop was at Alexander Interiors & Design, a fabulous high end boutique filled with beautiful custom pieces. Gorgeous frame art, chic upholstery, as soon as we entered the studio everything drew my attention. I LOVED the wicker table lamps. I can honestly say there wasn’t a single item that I didn’t like. The frames displaying alcohol types would work perfectly in my future bar area 😉

Cambria started out in the Butter Business when the Davis Family bought St. Peter Creamery  in the 1940’s. In 1999, the family entered into the quartz industry to go on to create the most elegant quartz patterned surfaces.  The quartz is mined in Canada and Cambria offers a limited lifetime warranty. With the demand quickly rising for the amazing quartz surfaces, in 2007 Cambria finally opened up a FabShop in Toronto.

The Toronto studio features vignettes by seven prominent designers, including Jane Lockhart, Victoria Shaw, Tomas Pearce, Janette Ewan – with overall design by builder/designer Ramsin Khachi, a regular design expert on the Marilyn Dennis Show.

Our next stop was a SubZero/Wolf. Chefs from Anna cookbook series served the guest while we view the gorgeous kitchen decor. The built in wine cooler concept showed that you can maintain a look of class even in the living room area.

Kiosk, a Vancouver based company really impressed me with their contemporary style designs. The unique pieces give the room class and complexity. One of my favorite pieces were the wood (paper) spun rugs by Woodnotes. These rugs come in many different colors and patterns. Not only that, but they feel amazing. Really hard to believe they’re made from paper. The architecture of their outdoor patio design is amazing.  The feel would be perfect for a side yard.

UpCountry was definitely my favorite studio. The aviator style couches and decor get 2 thumbs up from me! I will have to look into those in the future.

Can’t wait for the next event!

Photos by Boake Lightroom and How2Home

Nuit Blanche

The day isn’t over yet!! After a very promising day at the King East Design District, we now look forward to a night of art as the streets of Toronto are transformed into a canvas. (will also update with photos SOON!)


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